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Meine Beschreibung ist : My name is Elizabeth. Adults call me Elizabeth .I prefer simple and concise: Lisa. That's what my friends call me. Usually everyone who knows my name says that I match it. Perhaps it is. Unlike my parents, nature gave me a heart-shaped face and large round eyes. And guess what color they are? Green. My eyes are not bright, but they are clean and unusual for most people. Many people, seeing me for the first time, ask if I wear lenses. Every time I have to shake my head knowing that no one will believe me. Although, I have something that I got from my parents. Straight hair, the color of ripe rye from mom. And a snub nose from Dad. Perhaps these are the only facial features similar to them. Even my figure is different from them. My mom has always been a thin girl with narrow shoulders. Dad was also never very heavy, he was slim, but no more. I inherited a broad bone from someone. I wasn't curvy or fat. Just stocky. But it didn't help me much in choosing clothes. Even my wrist was twi

Ich mag nicht: I don't like negative angry people.

Ich mag: I like computer and board games, and I also like to communicate with positive, open people

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