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Meine Beschreibung ist : I am a model, and most importantly, I am an honest and good person. For a complete sense of happiness, there is not enough of a second half, otherwise they consider themselves a complete person. I am the happy owner of many hobbies, some of which do not fit together at all. But this way you can understand that the framework is not for me, I prefer freedom?I love gentleness and gentleness in men! if we talk about sex, the most important thing is tenderness before the process. I love romance and very interesting places. Like nature .. I like to imagine you taking me to the field by the waterfall ....

Ich mag nicht: Most of all, I don't like being forcedd to do something. For this reason, I hate getting up early and making the bed ? I can't stand duplicity and cowardice in people. I am annoyed by mean and dishonest people who are capable of betrayal. And also — when the presence of these negative traits is suspected in me. For example, I'm telling the truth, but they don't believe me, they think I'm a liar.

Ich mag: 2. I like to play sports, it gives me strength and energy. I would like to find a person who also loves sports, we would be able to train together, and then we would go to the shower together ? Or we run to the waterfall again on a jog .I also love art, I used to do a lot of drawing and wanted to connect my life with artistic activity, but fate turned out differently. I I have a dream? OFC

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