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Meine Beschreibung ist : about me? Well, to start thanks for being here, now I will tell you a little about me, I start by saying my name I call me Jhosep I am 28 years old in my beloved Colombia, I grant myself a very simple and very friendly man willing to always help and listen to others , currently I live with my mother, she is the engine of my life I also have two beautiful dogs, and well I can add that as every person I have dreams and goals to make between them buy a house for my mother ... and to be able to do many things further...

Ich mag nicht: I don'I dot like people who feel superior to others, I think we all are worth the same and nobody is more or less than another. I do not tolerate evil against animals, or towards nature and much less against people. no me gusta l cafe frio,and the lack of ethics and personality of others bore me.

Ich mag: I love to eat, well among other things I like to listen to good music, dance, sing, skate, cook, I like people and make good friends who add people who contribute positive things in my life and who have a great personality and that First of all they are humble, I really enjoy the nature I love animals, I like chocolate the strawberry ice cream and and the cup of coffi it is wonderful.

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